How much is Microblading?

It is $399 and this includes the initial appointment and a 6-8 week touch up.

How long does the microblading last?

This varies from person to person, everyone’s results last a different amount of time. A color refresh is recommended on average from 12-18 months after your initial procedure.

How do touch ups work?

6-8 weeks after your initial appointment you will come in for a touch up to fill out and perfect your brows. The first appointment creates the shape and the touch up really brings the whole brow together. Touch ups performed after 8 weeks require a fee.

How long does it take to do?

Microblading is split into 2 appointments, which are 6-8 weeks apart to allow for the healing process to complete.  The initial procedure will take about an hour and half to two hours and your touch up appointment takes from 45-60 minutes.

Does the microblading application hurt?

I use a topical anesthetic that is applied before the procedure & one during to continue the comfort. If anything it feels like a cat scratch.

How long is the recovery or healing time?

Your brows will appear darker the first two days, after that time your brows will start to flake and heal. Everyone heals different but it takes about 7-10 days. You may leave a bit red after your appointment but don’t worry you don’t have to hide from the world right after you get them done.

How do you choose the shape?

We choose your custom shape and style together.  At the beginning of your appointment we will discuss what you want your new brows to look like. Pictures help as references or come in with your brows filled in as you usually would. Then I will come up with a design shape specific to your wants and your bone structure. I will make measurements to make them as symmetrical and position them as much as possible.

How do you choose a color?

We choose a color together by applying small amounts of different colored pigments to the skin near to your brows and selecting the best match for your skin tone, features and personal preference. We will choose a color that matches your natural brow hair so remember if you tint your brows regularly you must tint them 2-3 days prior to your appointment. Also remember while choosing your color it will faded up to 50% after your first visit.

Who is ineligible for microblading?

I do not provide microblading for people: under 18 years old, pregnant or nursing, if you have diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases such as Shingles, psoriasis or eczema on the area of treatment, allergies to makeup, Keloid disorder, HIV/Hepatitis, skin cancer, hemophilia, or if you’re taking skin medications like ro-accutaine and steroids.

What is the after care?

After your procedure I’ll apply a barrior ointment on that you leave on after the procedure. Next you will want to keep them as dry as possible and apply a neosporin cream at night. You must stay out of the sun, sauna, water, no exessive working out for at least 10 days. Avoid chlorine, exfoliation creams, and sun exposure; they may cause your color to fade.

Can I get microblading over scars?

Yes, unless you have is a keloid scar this service is great for you. I do recommend if you have a scar just sending me a photo so I can look before you book an appointment.


Do I need to prep before my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, try your best to arrive without any eye makeup, do not curl your lashes or wear mascara before your appointment. It will help minimize the cleanup time and more time for lashing.


Will it ruin or cause my natural lashes to fall out?

Based on the growth cycle of eyelashes, when applying lashes, lash stylist are trained to look for adult lashes to attach the individual synthetic lashes. Young (baby) lashes are left to allow them to fully develop and when it comes times to re-lash, we have new strong lashes to bond to. Lash extensions will not cause your natural eyelashes to fall out. Remember that your natural lashes have their own life cycle of falling and growing just like the hair found elsewhere on your body. It’s hard to notice small lashes falling out, but when attached to a thicker, longer lash they become much more noticeable! Once the extensions are removed, your own eyelashes may appear smaller. Your natural lashes may look shorter and sparser because you’ve been accustomed to a full set of longer and thicker lashes.


How long does it take to apply lash extensions?

Lash extensions are applied while you are lying down with your eyes closed on a spa bed in a comfortable room. This usually takes about 1.5 hours for a full set of lashes, but also depends on the set of lashes you decide to get. After prepping your lashes, your bottom lashes are protected with a gel eye pad, lash extensions are then applied 1-to-1 with medical grade adhesive. It is a really relaxing, non-invasive treatment and most of our clients take the time to take a little nap!


How long will my new lashes last?

Your new lashes will last between 2 to 4 weeks depending on your skincare routine and your own natural lash life cycle. To maintain the full look of your lashes, it will require you to maintain refills every 2-3 weeks.


How often should I be coming in for lash refills?

We recommend getting refills every 2 to 4 weeks. If you wait too long your extensions will fall out and you will require a full set. Factors such as exposure to humidity, steam or touching your eyes a lot may cause the extensions to fall quicker. Refills can take from 45 – 60 minutes, depending on the state of your remaining lashes. A good sign of when you need a refill is when your extensions are 50%-60% gone.


Can I apply mascara to my lash extensions?

Yes, however you must only apply water based mascara. Do not use oil based or waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara and any type of oil based mascara dissolves the bonding agent of the extensions and causes them to fall out sooner. Also, take care in washing off all eye makeup. Only use a water based eye makeup remover.

Though you can use a water based mascara I usually advise not to because it usually will cause your extensions to not last as long.


Can I swim, shower or exercise while wearing lash extensions?

Yes. The bonding agent we use is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise. However we recommend that you do not wash your eye area for at least 24 hours after the initial eyelash extension application. This allows the bonding agent to fully dry and prolong the life of your extensions.


How do I take care of my new lash extensions?

  • Do not get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after application
  • Do not go tanning for 24 hours after application
  • Use an oil-free eye makeup remover
  • Try not to run water directly on your lashes
  • Do not rub, pick or pull your eyes
  • If using mascara, use water based formulas
  • When applying mascara avoiding the root area.
  • Avoid using an eyelash curler
  • Try to avoid exposure to heat, steam, sauna and friction
  • Receiving chemical treatments, such as eyelash tinting or perming
  • Receiving irritating eye area treatments, such as strong chemical peels, skin re-surfacing procedures or laser treatments

Lash Lift

What is a Lash Lift?

It’s a lifting technique designed to give you longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions. It will look as if you used a really good eyelash curler, only this lasts 6-8 weeks! To really enhance the treatment, I apply a black lash tint which really makes your lashes look more prominent. The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes.