Microblading is a semi permanent form of tattooing that involves using tiny needles that make up a small blade that helps deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Hair-like strokes are made to mimic natural hair. This service is great for people who have little to no eyebrow hair that want natural looking brows to someone who doesn’t want to fill in their eyebrows everyday.



  • Wax eyebrows at least 3 days before.
  • Avoid tanning or sun exposure. You cannot get microblading done if you have a sunburn. As a sunburn heals it will take out the pigment.
  • Nothing that will thin your blood before the procedure such as Ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin e or alcohol.


Immediately following your appointment your brows will seem very dark and intense. Don’t let this frighten you, your new microbladed brows will heal about two shades lighter. This will last up to a week. Redness and swelling is minimal. This first session lays out the shape and style of the eyebrows and the second session we will see how they heal, fill the brows out and determine if a shade darker is wanted. While the brow is healing it will scab and flake, do not itch or pick at the scabs.

  • Avoid getting your new brows wet for 3-5 days after. I suggest using a cleansing cloth during this time. If they do get wet just pat them dry, its ok to keep them clean.
  • Avoid sunlight. Exposure will irritate your brows. Wear hats and sunscreen.
  • Do not use any exfoliants including retinol or acids.
  • Leave the brows completely dry and apply a thin layer of the Aquaphor healing ointment I provide for you every morning and night for one week.

Microblading Initial Appointment $300

6-8 week touch up $150

Touch ups after 8 weeks $80

6 month Refresher $150

Annual Touch Up $250

After 2 years a microblading appointment is full price

Previously microbladed brows require artist approval